• Q. There are no dealers in my area of which I cannot find any of Garuda brand products, parts, or accessories?
  • A. Please email info@garudasby.com, we will work with you to find the most convenient and cost-effective way to deliver the product direct to your spot.
  • Q. How can I get technical service support in case I find any trouble
  • A. Please email us at info@garudasby.com or call our service center for information on technical support and troubleshooting, we will respond and make sure to help you. Another way is to deliver your deffective product (if any) to our Service center.
  • Q. What kind of warranty do I have by acquiring Garuda products?
  • A. Warranty of parts replacement specifically (certain products), and after-sale service from our dealers nationwide as well as 100% full support on the availability of supporting parts and accessories.
  • Q. Can I purchase only in small quantity?
  • A. We support and accept any quantity for purchase definitely in any area (when there is no dealer in your nearby area).
  • Q. How long does the shipment will take to get to my destination?
  • A. When the payment is received by Bank transfer, the order will be processed in 24 hours maximum after, plus the estimate of shipment depending on distance of your location. The shipment will be accommodated by EMS/TIKI/JNE Postal service across Nation. Shipping preference can be both either via Air or Cargo for larger quantity.
  • Q. Is there any instruction for convenience use at hand?
  • A. Yes, every product that we have always provide a clear brief step by step instruction in the manual book located inside of every package. Further assistance by phone and product video demo will be provided for additional back up when requested.